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When your water heater is leaking you will see a puddle around the bottom of the unit. In some cases the puddle may leave a trail leading back to the tank. Water leakage comes about due to leaking valves, connections or crack in the tank. You should take a look at the valves and connections and if they are loose fix them. If doing so doesn’t fix the problem hire a water heater repair professional to have a look at the unit. If the leaking problem is as a result of corrosion, the professional may try to get rid of it. You should note that it’s sometimes impossible to get rid of the corrosion if the damage is extensive. In such a case you may be required to install a new water heater tank.

The hot water is not enough

water heater repair

This is a very common problem and when it happens many people think that it’s due to corrosion of the pipes or water tank, but it’s not always the case. Before you run into conclusions take your time to determine where the odor is coming from. If the cold water has a bad smell, chances are that the problem has to do with the water source. If the bad smell is from the hot water, the problem is most likely due to corrosion inside the tank. The problem could also due to failing of the sacrificial anode rod. To be on the safe side you should hire a commercial appliances repair Falls Church professional to inspect the unit and fix the problem.

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Just like any other appliances, electric water heaters develop problems that you should fix for you to continue enjoying your unit. Here are some of the most common problems:

If the water heater is working properly, but the water gets used up fast, it means that you have increased your needs for hot water. The best way of fixing this problem is installing a new, larger water heater. To save energy and ensure that you have enough hot water, you should install a tankless water heater. If you haven’t increased your hot water needs and the water heater seems to be producing less hot water, ask a commercial appliance services provider to take a look at your unit. The professional will inspect the unit and find out whether the problem is due to leaking, mineral deposit or any other problem.

Hot water is discolored and has a bad odor