Washing Machine Maintenance Tips During Summers

Be gentle and follow the rules
Your washing machine would function better in a certain climate of conditions and this includes being level. Thus you must make sure that it is level both from side to side and front to back. This means that your washing machine need not work as hard to get the job done. You must never overload it. It is true that front load machines enjoy and actually perform better with a full load. However, at the same time be careful not to overload it. You must note that years of use coupled with this kind of abuse will shorten the lifespan of your washing machine. So note that more does not mean always better. Apart from this using excessive detergent can clog pipes and actually hinder your machine’s ability to clean well.

Towards the beginning of each season, you need to take the time to inspect your machine. You must check for clogs in the hoses. You need to note that a partial clog may not be is usually immediately evident but will affect the way your machine operates and could lead to bigger problems down the road.

It is summer time again. With so much humidity we sweat a lot. This means that more and more clothes need to be washed. Thus washing clothes during summers usually seems a never-ending job. This is, therefore, the time when much like other home appliances like the AC Machines and Water Purifiers, there is excess load on your washing machines too. Thus you need to take extra care of your washing machine during the summer months. Let us look at some basic tips for Washing Machine Maintenance during the hot summers.

Keep it clean
As a washing machine owner, you need to put in a bit of extra effort towards cleaning your washing machine. It is to be noted that a simple wipe of the surface would do only a little from preventing breakdowns. In case your clothes are not coming out as clean as they once did then you need to do a thorough cleaning of the same. The same would also have to be done in case you detect an odor coming from your washing machine. There are of course various cleaners available in the market that will get the job done. However along with the same you might add a cup of vinegar in a very hot cycle which is often all that’s needed. If you do the same on a regular basis, your washing machine would perform just as efficiently just the same way as it did the day you brought it home.

You also need to check on the soap and fabric softener dispensers and ensure they have not become gummed up with residue. You see whether the machine is getting a good seal. You need also to ensure that the rubber surrounding the lid is soft and intact. You also need to check for leaks as well. A small leak will soon become a big mess unless caught early.

If you have ever had to do without a washing machine in the middle of the summer, you would have already learned the hard way that a little prevention can go a long way. Take care of your washing machine and it will take care of you. In case you are on the lookout for Washing Machine Repairing in Kolkata or for home appliance maintenance get in touch with Cyborg Service, true leaders in the field.

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