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New Subaru part numbers to fix gas smell

The new clamps are included with the new PCV hose assembly. Subaru PCV hoseDo not re-use the original PCV hose clamps. Only use the new clamps that come with the NEW PCV hose assembly.

Subaru has determined thet the PCV hose assembly is the cause of the problem and has issued a redesigned PCV hose assembly for the vehicles listed below.

Vehicles affected with the gas smell

Fix Subaru gas smell, oil smell in cabin

However, Subaru incorporated the new hoses into production starting with these VINS:

Subaru has issued a service bulletin and new PCV hose assembly to address a problem where owners have a gas smell or hot oil smell in the cabin. The Subaru gas smell is described by owners as a hot rubber, raw fuel or hot oil type smell coming into the cabin.

Cause of Subaru gas smell

Hose Assembly-PCV 11815AC88D
Gasket-Intercooler 21896AA130
Gasket-Air Intake Duct 14497AA080

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