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• Bad oil pressure relief valve. All oil pumps have a relief valve designed to bleed off excess pressure. In many cases, the valve consists of a movable piston and a spring. The spring can break causing the valve to constantly bleed pressure, resulting in low engine oil pressure. In addition, sludge and varnish can accumulate in the relief valve, causing it to stick open or closed.

How long does an oil pump last?

If the engine is well maintained, most oil pumps last the life of the engine.

Is low oil pressure always caused by a bad oil pump?

• )il light comes on at stop signs
• Engine runs hot
• Engine noise — rapid tapping and clicking

What causes an oil pump to go bad?


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• Oil change neglect. The oil pump is lubricated by motor oil. If you neglect regular oil changes for your engine, it will wear out the engine and the engine’s oil pump.

You can rent an oil pressure tester gauge at any auto parts store. Remove the oil pressure sensor and install the gauge in it’s place. The start the engine can compare the readings to the specifications listed in the shop manual. In most cases pressure should never fall below 7-psi. at idle speed. If it does, there’s something wrong.

Oil pump replacement cost varies widely based on the year, Typical oil pump make, and model of the vehicle. In some vehicles, replacing the oil pump is as simple as removing the oil pan bolts and then a few bolts to the oil pump. So the labor cost is low. But getting access to the oil pump on other engines can be quite involved requiring the technician to remove the exhaust system, timing cover, chains, etc.

No. In most cases, a low oil pressure condition is caused by either a faulty oil pressure sensor switch, severe engine bearing wear, or a stuck open pressure relief valve. You should never assume that the oil pump is bad without first checking oil pressure using a mechanical gauge.

Test oil pressure sensor for accuracy

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Average oil pump replacement cost

In general terms, oil pump replacement cost runs around $1,200 to $2,100.

Symptoms of a bad oil pump