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The quick lube places tend to be the most expensive unless you can find a coupon. They can easily run $100-$125 for an oil change if you don’t have a coupon. In my opinion, they’re the worst place to have your car serviced. I believe their technicians are the lowest skilled when compared to either the dealer or a locally owned shop. In addition, they tend to upsell unneeded services.


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Or, if you want to find discount coupons for other lube places, click here.

The amount of oil your vehicle’s engine requires can vary depending on its size and design. Larger engines require more oil, which can affect the overall cost of the oil change.

If you’re using a conventional oil with frequent oil changes, the shop can use a lower quality filter. But if you’re using a high quality synthetic oil that’s supposed to last for 7,500 – 10,000 miles, you’ll need a higher quality filter that can last the oil’s entire life.

Where the cheapest oil change near me?

The car dealer may offer the cheapest oil change cost

The type of oil used for your oil change significantly impacts the cost. There are three main types of oil: conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic. Synthetic oils tend to offer better performance and protection but are more expensive than conventional oils.

Then there’s oil for European vehicles. European vehicles often require a specific additives package and those oils usually cost more. Typically VW, BMW, Mercedes, Audi vehicles required these Euro oils.

Oil Capacity affects oil change cost

How much does an oil change cost?

The quick, but least accurate answer is $60-$125 for oil change cost.

What factors affect the price of an oil change?

The Type of Oil required by the carmaker affects the oil change cost

Even though car dealers tend to have the highest labor rates, they usually offer low-cost oil changes to get you in the door. You don’t have to have the dealer do all the rest of your repairs and maintenance, but you can often save money by calling the dealer first to get their oil change priced

You may want to avoid the quick lube type places

However, if you want and exact price, Jiffy Lube now offers a feature where you enter your vehicle’s VIN # and they give you and exact price. To use that feature, click here.

In addition to the type of oil; synthetic, conventional, or a blend, specialty oils can increase the cost. Oil change shops offer High Mileage oil and extended life oil that supposedly allows you to drive longer between oil changes.

Oil Filter Quality affects the price of an oil change