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hose clamp pliers set
hose removal pliers

remote hose clamp pliers

The set sells for $40 and you can buy directly from OrionMotorTech here.

What’s in the hose clamp pliers tool set

Collar hose clamp pliers
Flat band hose clamp pliers
Cross slotted jaw pliers
Hose removal pliers
Swivel flat band hose clamp
Angled hose clamp pliers
Double head screwdriver
Hose removal hook

The 24″ remote hose clamp pliers let you get into tight places and compress a flat band spring clamp. This gets into places an ordinary pliers won’t fit

spring clamp pliers

Buy the entire kit from OrionMotorTech.com

The slotted head grip the clamp tabs so they won’t slip off


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Download the instruction manual here

Use the hose removal hook to break the bond between the hose and the radiator, heater core or water pump port. Remove the clamp and slide the pointed end of the hook between the hose and the port. Then pull the tool around the port to break it loose.

If you’ve worked on a late model vehicle, you know that every hose has a constant tension spring clamp. You can try using an ordinary pliers; if you want to waste a lot of time. Or, you can use the proper tool that grips the ears of the spring clamp and doesn’t slip off. This 9 Piece Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers Tool Set from OrionMotorTech has every hose removal tool you’ll ever need.

The kit works on hose clamps from  11/16″ to 2-1/2″.

Hose clamp pliers tool set