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Aftermarket fuel pumps are much cheaper than dealer fuel pumps and some brands are every bit as good as an OE pump. For example, Delphi is a Tier 1 supplier to carmakers and a Delphi pump is considered a very good pump. But other aftermarket brands have a high failure rate. Even though they’re cheaper than Delphi or OE, they’re not as reliable. If you plan on keep the vehicle, insist on a dealer pump. Why risk having to replace a cheap fuel pump again in a few years?

Complete module or just the pump?

Direct injection engines require up to 2,000-psi to inject fuel directly into the cylinder. Those engines have two fuel pumps; one in the tank and a second pump mounted on the engine. The high pressure pump runs off the camshaft, taking in 50-psi fuel from the tank and boosting it to 2,000-psi.

The fuel pump in a port-injected engine is located inside the fuel tank. Some vehicle manufacturers install and access panel under the back seat, allowing them to easily replace the fuel pump. Unfortunately, other car makers don’t make it that easy. For those vehicles, the tech has to drain the tank and remove it from the vehicle, adding many hours of labor to the job. In other words, if you have an access panel, the job will be at least $200 to $400 cheaper than if the tech has to lower the fuel tank.

OE versus aftermarket pump

high pressure fuel pump-1
Because the high pressure fuel pump rides on a triangular lobe of the camshaft, lubrication is critical to longevity. If you neglect oil changes, you can damage not only the pump, but you can wear off the triangular lobes of the camshaft dramatically increasing the cost of a new fuel pump.

Replace fuel pump tip #2: Insist the shop cleans the tank

Fuel pump replacement cost

Fuel pump replacement cost varies depending on vehicle design and pump brand

A new module costs a bit more, but it includes a new fuel level sending unit and factory fuel pump connections. So the labor to remove the oil pump from the module and install the new pump is less.


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High pressure fuel pumps cost about 30% more than an in-tank pump. However, they’re easier to install since they sit on the top of the engine. Once the tech depressurizes the system, replacement takes little time since it’s just held in by a few bolts.

Generally speaking, an in-tank fuel pump replacement costs between $900 and $,1400. But the final price depends on whether your vehicle has a back seat access panel or requires dropping the fuel tank. It also depends on whether the shop uses an aftermarket fuel pump or an OE fuel pump.

If your car has a fuel pump access panel, the job will be cheaper that one where they have to drop the tank

Shops have the option of replacing just the pump or the entire fuel pump module. The module includes the fuel pump housing, new connecting hoses and a new fuel level sending unit. A fuel pump module costs a bit more than just the fuel pump. But it takes less labor to install since the tech doesn’t have to disconnect and reconnect the hoses to the pump.

Fuel pump replacement tip: Replace the entire fuel module

fuel pump module versus fuel pump

If you have a newer vehicle with direct injection, you have two fuel pumps

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Crud in the fuel tank is the #1 cause of repeat in-tank fuel pump failures. Cleaning the tank is the best way to avoid future failures. It will add to the cost, but reduce future failures.