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A Guide to Exhaust system flex pipe replacement cost and replacement options

What is a flex pipe?

An exhaust system  flex pipe is a type of flexible tubing that connects the engine to the exhaust system while allowing for engine movement, especially in FWD vehicles with transverse mounted engines. In those applications, the engine tends to rock toward and away from the firewall, so the exhaust system must have some way to handle that movement. That’s where the flex pipe comes into play.

How a flex pipe works


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Corrosion and flex stress damages the metals used in the the flex pipe.

A flex pipe can be fixed two ways; replace the entire exhaust pipe or weld in just a new flex pipe. Installing the entire pipe is obviously the most expensive way to fix a damaged flex pipe and that can run around $400. Dealers, independent mechanical shops and chain/franchise exhaust shops generally insist on replacing the entire pipe because they don’t stock replacement flex joints. Independently owned muffler shops, on the other hand, often stock just the joint and are more willing to weld in a replacement. That can lower the cost to around $200.

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A flex pipe has three components: flexible liner, flexible bellows, and stainless steel expansion mesh

Some of the common symptoms of a bad flex pipe are exhaust leaks, loud noises from your engine, and hissing noises when you step on the gas pedal. It isn’t safe to drive around with a bad flex pipe because it can damage other parts of your vehicle.

Flex pipe replacement cost

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How a flex pipe fails

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Symptoms of a bad flex pipe