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Smelling gas fumes inside your vehicle can be a sign of an exhaust leak. If an exhaust pipe becomes damaged it can let gas fumes escape into the passenger cabin of your vehicle.

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Loss of Acceleration and Power

An exhaust leak creates a rumbling sound and is most pronounced when you accelerate. In some cases the leak can sound like hissing or popping.

Gasoline or burning Smell can be an exhaust leak symptom

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If the exhaust leak is located upstream from the catalytic converter it can affect the oxygen sensor readings, resulting in a P0420 trouble code and reduced fuel economy.


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These are all exhaust leak symptoms. To find the exhaust leak, see this post.

Because an exhaust leak decreases exhaust backpressure, it can actually reduce engine performance, robbing you of power during acceleration. ill continue to lose power if the exhaust leak isn’t fixed.

Reduced Fuel Economy and a P0420 trouble code

Exhaust leak symptoms

An exhaust leak can occur near the exhaust manifold, at the flex pipe, any connection to the catalytic converter, exhaust pipe, muffler or tail pipe. An exhaust leak is dangerous and must be fixed right away. Here are the most common exhaust leak symptoms:

You hear loud rumbling engine noise