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DIYers often fill their tanks with premium fuel because they believe the myth that premium fuel contains more detergent than regular gasoling. It doesn’t. Premium gas or high octane gas, unless otherwise stated by the oil company does not contain more detergent that regular gas.

If a fuel brand advertises its premium gasoline with enhanced cleaning power, it may contain more detergents than their regular fuel or other brands. However, it’s the branding and formulation specific to that particular brand’s fuel, not the octane rating itself, that determines detergent content. Never assume that premium gas contains more detergent than regular gas.

Does premium high octane fuel contain more detergent

Premium fuel does not automatically mean it contains more detergent

To see if a gasoline brand offers higher detergent levels in its premium gasoline, it’s a good idea to check its specifications or marketing materials. If you’re specifically looking for fuel with higher detergent content, it’s also worth checking for a “Top Tier” certification.

So a gasoline that carries the Top Tier designation will top tier gasolineusually contain more detergent than the same grade of fuel that doesn’t contain the Top Tier designation.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires all gasoline to have a certain minimum level of detergent to keep engines clean and reduce emissions. In 2004, a group of automakers introduced the “Top Tier” gasoline standard, which specifies a higher level of detergents than mandated by the EPA. Several gasoline retailers have since become Top Tier certified, meaning their fuel—whether regular or premium—has higher detergent levels than non-Top Tier brands.

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However, many oil companies market their premium fuels as having enhanced additive packages, which can include higher levels of detergents along with other performance additives. In that case, and only in that case, the fuel may contain more detergent than regular gas.

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