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Many homeowners don’t use their dishwashers on a regular basis. This puts the machines at the risk of accumulating food and other debris. To avoid this you should use your machine every now and then. Even if you won’t clean the dishes there, you should run a short cycle and you will get rid of debris.

Even if your appliance is working efficiently it’s wise that you hire a commercial dishwasher contractor to inspect the machine on a regular basis. For example, you can get into contract with the professional and the professional be inspecting the machine once every six months.


If you have stayed for a long time without using the machine and you want to start using it, you should first hire a commercial dishwasher repairs professional to inspect the machine and give you a go ahead. This is to avoid infecting your dishes with bacteria. You also protect your dishes from getting damaged.


When the contractor visits he/she should inspect all areas and ensure that they performing at their best. In addition to inspection, the professional should also clean the appliance and fix any faulty areas.

Use the machine

Many homeowners feel that the dishwasher is always clean as you are always cleaning the dishes there, but that’s not the case. Just like any other appliance in your home the dishwasher gets dirty and you have to clean it to retain its efficiency.

The best way of cleaning the appliance is using hot water. You should heat hot water and pour it into the dishwasher before you wash the dishes. For ideal results you should set the thermostat to 50 degrees. If water is cooler than this temperature it’s not ideal for cleaning. On the other hand if the water is hotter than this it may scald you.

In addition to using hot water it’s also wise that you use vinegar. You should put 2 cups of vinegar at the bottom of the appliance and rut it on low setting.

Schedule regular Inspection

A dishwasher is an important appliance in your home and you should take good care of it for it to last for long and avoid hiring a dishwasher contractor Arlington every now and then. To help you out here are tips on how to take good care of your appliance:

Clean it regularly

By considering these dish washer maintenance tips you will not only have an efficiently working machine, you will also have a machine that saves you energy and money.