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Water coolers develop problems every now and then. The cool thing is that most of the problems are minor and you can repair them on your own. If you have tried fixing the issues and still the problems won’t go away, you should hire an appliance contractor to take a look at your unit


A water cooler has become a must have in homes and offices. Although, the units work with very few problems and without requiring plumbing modifications, they sometimes develop problems that need to be addressed. Here are some of the most common water cooler problems:

Failure of water to get cold

Water leaks are common with water coolers. The leakages present themselves in different ways. For example, the water may leak from the unit and form a puddle on the floor. When this happens, the leaks are as a result of a leaking water bottle and not from the cooler itself.

To correct the problem you should remove the bottle from the cooler and test the cooler with a different bottle. If the leaking continues you should call a walk-in cooler repair professional to take a look at it.

Before you call a water cooler technician Arlington you should first check whether you have turned on the power to the cooler. You should also check whether the cooler switch is on and illuminated.

No water is coming out

The sole purpose of buying a water cooler is to cool water; therefore, if the water isn’t getting cold there must be a problem. This problem comes about when the unit isn’t plugged into a wall socket. The problem will also present itself when the mains power switch isn’t turned on.

Sometimes the leakages result from the tap. When this happens, it’s usually an issue with the tightness of the faucets. Sometimes the issue is related to the parts inside the taps.



In most of the cases, the bottle may have been cracked thus altering the pressure within the cooler. The pressure change draws water into the tank causing an overflow.

This happens when the sprout is blocked by debris or minerals. To fix the problem you should clean the water cooler dispenser. If you clean the dispenser and the water won’t come out you should ask a commercial appliance contractor to take a look at the cooler.

Water cooler is leaking