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For your unit to look good you have to clean it regularly. To make your work easy, get rid of spills as soon as they happen. In addition to this, dust the outside of the refrigerator as often as you use it. If you actively use it, you should clean it daily. Most of the business owners only clean the outside of their units, but this shouldn’t be you. To keep your unit clean you should also clean the insides.

To prevent bacteria from growing in the refrigerator set the temperature at 40°F. Regularly use a freezer or refrigerator thermometer to keep the temperature in check. If you are storing frozen food, store it at 0°F.

Commercial refrigerator maintenance

Do you have a refrigerator in your place of work? Here are some of the things recommended by commercial refrigerators service providers that you should do to your unit:

Even with the best refrigerator maintenance it’s common for the refrigerator to develop problems. The most common problems that you have to contend with include: refrigerator noises, failure of the refrigerator to start, more cycling than normal, leaking and many others. For the problems to be professionally fixed you should hire a commercial kitchen appliance service Vienna to fix it for you. For peace of mind ensure that the professional is certified and experienced enough.


You should unplug the refrigerator, remove food, glass shelving, interior plastics and any other items inside it and wash all the interior surfaces. Commercial appliances service providers recommend that you use warm water and soap to clean the interior surfaces. You can also use warm water and vinegar or baking soda. If there are stale foods in the refrigerator get rid of them.

To keep your refrigerator in good working condition you should take good care of it. In addition to regularly cleaning both the insides and outsides of the air conditioner you also need to do other things. You should inspect the seal or gasket located on the doors of the fridge and if brittle, gapping or cracked, replace it. If you don’t have the skills you should hire a commercial refrigerators repairs service provider. Also take a look at the water filter and if dirty replace it. It’s also important that you replace the light bulb so that you can see the insides of the unit when you open it.

Commercial refrigerator repair

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