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Refrigerators are meant to keep the food put in them cool but according to commercial refrigerators service providers you should also work at keeping your unit cool. One way of accomplishing this is to limit the amount of food items that you put in your unit. Remember that the more the items you put in the refrigerator the less air will be able to circulate thus the less cool the unit will be.

For generations, refrigerators have been used in restaurants and other commercial areas to keep food cool. To avoid contamination and keep your refrigerator in good working condition you should take good care of it. Here are some of the ways of going about it:

Regular refrigerator cleaning not only maintains the unit in good condition, it also aids in keeping food inside fresh. For a clean look use a clean sponge and warm water and clean both the inside and outside of the unit. Avoid using chemical cleaners as they have negative effects on the taste of food. Chemicals have also been shown to degrade the refrigerators. After cleaning the unit, use a piece of cloth or paper towel to dry it.

Store the products properly in the refrigerator

How you place the food products has a great impact on the effectiveness of the cooling process and the durability of your unit. Store fish, meat, poultry, and other food products at the bottom of the refrigerator. To avoid damaging the refrigerator door, commercial kitchen appliance service Alexandria recommend that you only place light products there. These can be butter, sodas, and condiments.


For the air conditioner to be effective in its working you should maintain it at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. To help you monitor the temperature inside your unit place an appliance thermostat in the refrigerator. If your property has had a power outage for a long time, avoid taking the food that you might have placed in the refrigerator as it’s most likely contaminated by bacteria.

Regularly clean your commercial refrigerator

You should also avoid placing the refrigerator in direct sunlight or next to heat producing appliances. Commercial kitchen appliance repairs recommend that you shouldn’t leave the refrigerator door open longer than it should. Remember that the cooler you keep your refrigerator, the more efficient it is thus the less the amount of energy you use to cool your food.

Maintain your commercial refrigerator at the right temperature