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can tapper fitting

Gauge Set Contents

Pull up on the knurled collar and push into the AC line fitting. The let go of the collar to lock the fitting in place. Turn the knob to open the valve

Can tapper included

4 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set for R410a R22 R134a Refrigerant

The 4 way AC manifold gauge set allows you to stay connected to the vacuum pump and refrigerant cans without disconnecting hoses and possibly losing refrigerant.

Here’s how to connect the refrigerant hoses

manifold gauge hoses

Quick connect connectors with shut-off valves included

Quick connect fitting

Connect the yellow hose to a 30-lb refrigerant supply or use the can tapper to connect DIY refrigerant cans.

It’s impossible to fully diagnose and maintain your car’s AC system using just the single gauge on a DIY recharge kit. To do it right, you need a manifold gauge set. That allows you to compare high and low pressures to get an idea of how the system is working. This 4 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set from OrionMotorTech.com works with R410a R22 R134a Refrigerants. The set is pro grade and is reasonably priced at $55.

4-Way Gauge
4 Hoses
2 Quick Couplers (1/4” Male)
29° Adapter (1/2″ Female to 1/4” Male)
Tank Adapter (1/4” Female to 5/16” Male)
2 Angled Adapters (5/16” Female to 1/4” Male)
Straight Adapter (5/16” Female to 1/4” Male)
Can Tap (Puncture Style)
Valve Core Wrench
Carrying Case